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Gas Fireplaces

So you want the look and feel of a glowing hearth, but without the preperation and clean-up of a woodburning fireplace. A gas fireplace might be exactly what you're looking for. For some helpful tips on gas fireplaces, venting systems and more, please visit our hearth planning page.
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Regency HZ965E

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Styled for contemporary environments, the Regency Horizon HZ965E features an inset design that allows finish materials to be installed right up the fireplace's edges for a clean look with one of the largest viewing areas offered.

Regency Liberty L965E

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The Liberty L965E has one of the largest viewing areas available in the Regency line and permits finish materials to be installed to the edges for a pure, unadorned appearance. Excellent for larger living space.

Regency Panorama 131

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Breathtaking View! The pier design allows you to enjoy warmth & beauty from all three sides of the P131.  Use this fireplace as a subtle room divider or bring two rooms together with the shared view.

Regency Excalibur P90

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The gentle arched design of this product provides the perfect backdrop for the beautiful Regency fire. There are over forty ways to customize the look of your P90 Excalibur Fireplace.

Regency's Contemporary Collection 

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The HZ40E is only one example of this contemporary line. You can add a tasteful surround in a variety of modern finishes or enjoy a clean finish with no louvers or faceplates.

Regency Horizon See Through

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One of the most popular uses for the Regency Horizon See Through is to create two amazing fire views from separate rooms using one fireplace. It is a cost effective way to divide a larger space while maintaining an open feel.

Regency Bellavista

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The flush-fit design of the Regency Bellavista™ B36XTCE gas fireplace permits surround finish materials to be installed right to edges for a clean, unadorned appearance.

Regency Panorama P33

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True flush finishing and a louverless front face provide an unobstructed view of the fire in Regency’s new Panorama™ P33CE gas fireplace. A true focal point in small to medium-sized spaces.

European Home Sky

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Whether you’re looking for sleek materials, such as brushed stainless, or a unique multi-sided unit for that special room, European Home offers a complete line of direct vent and vent-free indoor and outdoor gas fireplaces.

Valor H5 Series

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The Horizon Series has proven itself as a tried and true heater, warming thousands of homes across North America for almost two decades.

Valor Fenderfire

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The unique Fenderfire screen fronts create the asthetic of a wood-burning fireplace while providing all of the advantages of advanced direct vent technology.

Valor Windsor Arch

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The Victorian castings of the he Windsor Arch combines modern technology with a subtle hint of distinction and elegance from a time once forgotten.

L2 Linear Series

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The L2 is luxury fireplace design at its finest. Inspired by the highly successful L1 series, the L2 boasts an impressive 50” linear viewing area that highlights magnificent flames within.

Valor Ventana

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The perfect blend of radiant and convective heat provides efficient, steady warmth for the largest of spaces. Spectacular flames accompany clean, simple design elements.

Valor Ledge

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Available in black, brushed nickel and artisan patina, the Ledge is our latest addition to the Portrait Series gas fireplace family. With minimal impact on actual floor space, it is ideal for small spaces.

Rasmussen Fire Stones

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FireStones for those with contemporary decor, for those with a modern flair, for those yearning for an alternative to the ubiquitous gas log and for those who just want something different.

Ortal Stand-Alone 70

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ORTAL boasts more than 60 models, the largest selection of modern fireplaces in North America. They’re available in an impressive array of sizes to suit design and architectural needs.

Malm Imperial Gas Carousel

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Available in matte black, 10 decorator colors fired in porcelain, and satin brass. The versatility of the Gas Carousel is unlimited, center of the room, in the corner, or near a straight wall with only 6" clearance from combustible materials.

Heat & Glo Carolina

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Heat & Glo's Carolina is anindoor/outdoor see-thru fireplace. Enjoy your fireplace from your family room and patio simultaneously, any time of the year.

Heatilator Reveal

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This 36" open-hearth gas fireplace gets homeowners as close as possible to the experience of a woodburning fire. It also offers a number of benefits that make it a strong all-around choice. It can burn with the optional doors open or closed.

Blaze King Caldera 

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When you look through the large glass window of the caldera you see dancing flames and beautiful glowing logs.

Mendota DVX Series

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Trends may come and go, but the classic design of the DXV Series fireplace is a timeless addition to any home. Five models, three award-winning log sets, and literally hundreds of combinations of fronts, doors, finishes and other options.

Mendota Full View

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Perfectly proportioned for larger rooms, the FV46 FullView fireplace impresses without overpowering.

Mendota Chelsea

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Beneath its charming exterior, the Chelsea is an 27,000 to 6,750 BTU high efficiency wall furnace that will provide plenty of adjustable warmth to any room. 

Spark Modern Fires

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SPARK’s clean, updated aesthetic is matched only by its level of practical versatility. Most can be paired with a customizable surround in varying dimensions, details, and styles - extremely energy-efficient.

Pacific Energy Camden

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Designed to heat larger spaces, the Camden sets the scene with full-scale flames and next generation efficiency.  Easy to control, superior construction and an expansive viewing area.


Woodburning Fireplaces

There's just nothing like coming home to the warmth and smell of a wood fireplace. At Smith & May we carry a range of traditional and contemporary takes on this age old heating method. 
Call us any time during business hours for assistance in choosing the right fireplace for your home.

Pacific Energy FP30

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The FP30 Arch meets the need for high-capacity wood heat, with the space savings and convenience of a wall-mounted fireplace.

Regency Excalibur EX90

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The sleek, finely finished styling has come a long way from grandma's old black wood fireplace. The Excalibur Wood Fireplace has been tested to the toughest standards established by the EPA.

RSF Focus

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The Focus is a truly amazing fireplace. The compact body makes it versatile enough to use as a replacement for an existing fireplace, but the glass viewing space has been maximized. It is also ideal for installations where a raised hearth is desired.

RSF Renaissance

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This award winning, open hearth design offers major advantages over a traditional fireplace. The hideaway guillotine door allows you to enjoy your fireplace with the door open or closed. The door disappears without altering your view of the flames.

RSF   Linear Split-Pane     Our Linear fireplaces offer you innovation and beauty rolled into one. The Linear Split Pane (SP) is a sleek linear-style wood-burning fireplace providing an uninterrupted 50" wide, wall-to-wall fire-viewing area.

RSF Linear Split-Pane

Our Linear fireplaces offer you innovation and beauty rolled into one. The Linear Split Pane (SP) is a sleek linear-style wood-burning fireplace providing an uninterrupted 50" wide, wall-to-wall fire-viewing area.

Heatilator Birmingham

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The Birmingham masonry-style woodburning fireplace offers a masonry fireplace appearance at a fraction of the cost of a site-built masonry fireplace. The Birmingham is designed with molded brick panels in traditional or herringbone brick that reflect a true firebrick color and size.

Heatilator Icon

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With its unique refractory lining color and texture, Icon is a timeless, dramatic fireplace. Icon's opening height measures at twenty-eight inches and has a true brick to brick opening width of forty-two inches. View more sizes on Heatilator's website.

Supreme Galaxy Semi Classic

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The Galaxy is one of the largest non-catalytic EPA approved zero clearance fireplace capable of heating up to 2,500 square feet. Features include a unique door operation, a removable ash lip, and for your cooking pleasure...a built in BBQ grill.

Wittus Optifire

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The Optifire is available either with a sleek “flat screen” door or a convex style curved door that broadens your viewing area (this is especially nice in a corner installation).

Wittus Phenix

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With the door lifted, you enjoy the warmth of a genuine open fire. With the door closed, you get a full view through the panoramic window and with the maximum efficiency.

Quadra-Fire 7100

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The tall arched opening of the 7100 provides a beautiful view of the four-point combustion technology burn. With the capability to add up to two remote Heat Zone systems, the 7100 allows for heat distribution throughout the home. Decorative firescreen and trim options are available.


Electric Fireplaces

A totally new way of enjoying the atmosphere and magic that only a real fire can create - at the press of a button!

Call us any time during business hours and we'll be happy to help you choose the right elecric fireplace for your intended location.

Simplifire Electric Insert

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Traditional has never been this easy. A detailed masonry-style interior, textured log set and 4 flame height adjustments enhance the appeal of these two classic Built-In models. Enjoy the ambiance—with or without the heat


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The Celsi represents a combination of style and innovation to bring you this range of ultimate electric fires with the most convincing real fire effect on the market today.

Dimplex Nicole

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The Nicole Wall-mount Fireplace provides a modern touch to any decor. Either hung on a wall, or standing on a table, flames that dance amongst the diamond-like acrylic ice ember bed, sparkling in up to 7 different colorful themes.

Dimplex Convex

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The tempered glass front and a seamless black finish design of the Convex wall mount fireplace, combine to create a contemporary look that adds style to any décor. Choose surface-mount, plug-in installation for the ultimate simplicity or recessed installation & hardwired capabilities for a sleek low-profile look.

Dimplex Chalet

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Rustic meets chic with the Chalet wall-mount fireplace.  This unit offers a new drift wood and river rock interior . The unique look is continued with two strong mocha-coloured horizontal components and high polished black metal end caps.


Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts are designed to enhance the operation and appearance of an existing wood burning fireplace, whether masonry or factory-built. Categorized primarily by the fuel burned for operation (natural gas, propane, EPA-certified wood, pellet and coal), a fireplace insert is installed into an existing wood burning fireplace.

• Gas Inserts - Natural gas and propane (otherwise known as LP or “liquefied petroleum gas”) are the two types of gas used in hearth products, and are fossil fuels.

• Wood Inserts - Wood is a renewable, non-fossil fuel is abundant throughout North America.

• Pellet Inserts - Pellets are a renewable, non-fossil fuel made from 100 percent compressed sawdust. This fuel was developed in the 1970s as a way to use the waste wood from manufacturing processes. New England Wood Pellets and Maine Woods Pellets are available from Smith & May. More information on request.

Call us any time during business hours or stop into our showroom to view our working displays and we will be happy to help you choose the right fireplace insert for your home.

Fireplace Inserts - Gas

Pacific Energy Brentwood

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Experience full-scale comfort and warmth with Brentwood, our largest gas fireplace insert.

Regency Liberty Large Gas Insert

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The Liberty Radiant Series is the latest addition to Regency’s 35 year tradition of building beautifully designed, reliable, high efficiency direct vent heaters backed by the industry’s best warranty.

Montigo Hotshot

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As one of the first to bring to market a linear designed fireplace, Montigo now offers the largest selection of linear fireplaces.

Valor Legend G4

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Introducing the Legend G4 Insert, our latest addition to the Valor insert family. Considered the "big brother" to our highly successful Legend G3 Insert, the G4 is a synthesis of distinct design and efficient, radiant heating performance.

Valor Legend G3 

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Programmable remote™ system Modulating fire turns down an incredible 73% for steady even heat. Heats without electricity - operates during a power outage. Primary and secondary heat exchangers - heats without the need for a fan.

Valor President Gas Insert

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The President Zero Clearance is ideal for building into those smaller intimate spaces, requiring only 11" depth and 26" width.

Mendota Modern Insert

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Conventional log sets and brick linings give way to contemporary elements in FullView Modern inserts.


Fireplace Inserts - Woodburning

Regency Classic Wood Insert 

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The Classic Wood Insert can burn up to 10 hours with one load of wood. It also boasts an improved airwash system to keep the glass door cleaner longer for a better view of the fire.

Hampton H1300 Wood Insert

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This large Hampton cast wood insert slides easily into your existing fireplace turning your drafty fireplace into a high efficiency heater; instantly. Not only does it provide up to 75,000 BTU of high efficiency heat, it increases the value of your home with the timeless beauty of luxurious cast iron.

Hampton H1200 Wood Insert

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This Hampton cast wood insert installs easily into your existing fireplace adding the timeless beauty of cast iron while eliminating drafts from an open fireplace. This fireplace insert can deliver up to 55,000 BTUs.

Regency Alterra Wood Insert

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The Alterra contemporary wood insert features a sleek, modern front that transform your fireplace opening into a style savvy, effcient heater. Available in 2 sizes &includes a two-speed blower, helping distribute the heat to the far corners of your living space.

Pacific Energy Pacific Wood Insert 

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The Pacific Insert, with its large, ceramic glass door gives you the full comfort and view of your log fire. Transform your drafty fireplace in an easy-to-light, easy-to-load reliable source of heat with the convenience of one-touch adjustable temperature control.

Wittus H530 Wood Insert 

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The H530 is simple and stylish. It is easy to install and transforms an inefficient existing fireplace into a warm, inviting, radiant heat source. This results in greater efficiency and control with reduced fuel consumption.

Wittus Optifire Insert

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The Optifire fireplace inserts are as beautiful as they are powerful…heating up to 50,000 BTUs. They can either be installed into an existing masonry fireplace or incorporated into new construction. Available either with a sleek “flat screen” door or a convex style curved door.

Quadra-Fire Sm Insert

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The 2700i ACC fireplace insert is a big performer created for small fireplaces. The compact shape is specially designed to transform today’s factory-built fireplaces into high efficiency heat sources. The simple design and flush front complement a wide range of decorating styles.

Quadra-Fire Med Insert

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The 4100i fireplace insert features the tradition and charm of cast iron design. The distinctive full bay door with three glass panes offers remarkable views of the patented four point combustion technology burn.

Quadra-Fire Voyaguer Wood Insert    View Full Specs   The Voyageur cast wood insert is the first flush hearth wood insert offered by Quadra-Fire, combining the famous Quad burn with a powerful performance. Featuring a flush front with elegant lines, the fire is enjoyed through the large, unobstructed viewing area.

Quadra-Fire Voyaguer Wood Insert

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The Voyageur cast wood insert is the first flush hearth wood insert offered by Quadra-Fire, combining the famous Quad burn with a powerful performance. Featuring a flush front with elegant lines, the fire is enjoyed through the large, unobstructed viewing area.

Supreme Volcano Plus

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Recognized as one of the largest inserts in the industry, the Volcano Plus can heat vast areas of your home even without the use of its blowers during the coldest winter days.


Fireplace Inserts - Pellet

Quadra-Fire Mount Vernon Pellet Insert

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The Mt. Vernon Insert burns a wide variety of biofuels, including wood pellets in various grades, 100% corn, sunflower seeds, and wheat. You simply choose the most economical source for your area. The Mt. Vernon Insert makes all the adjustments for the best burn possible.

Quadra-Fire Santa Fe Pellet Insert

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The Santa Fe Pellet Insert offers the first performance-inspired, sleek, contemporary design in a pellet insert. It’s the perfect solution for busy people who enjoy the beauty of fire, but also want a clean-burning, renewable fuel heat source.

Quadra-Fire Castille Pellet Insert

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The Castile Fireplace Insert features intricate cast iron detailing and an optional porcelain enamel finish. With four color options available the insert is gorgeous, high quality, and made to last. The automatic ignition system and thermostat control offer convenient operation


Glass Doors

Choosing a glass door for your fireplace is like buying a piece of furniture, your fireplace is the focal point of your home, and with the options we have to offer, you can create a door that adds efficiancy and also compliments your home.


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Every Thermo-Rite product, without exception, is made in the U.S.A. Since 1942, the name Thermo-Rite has stood for elegance, quality and superior craftsmanship in glass fireplace enclosures.

Portland Williamette

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Portland Williamette offers a wide variety of fireplace doors, all made in the USA.


Mantels, Surrounds, and Cabinets

Choosing your new fireplace mantel, surround or cabinet combination is easier than you think. We offers a wide variety of sizes and styles of fireplace mantles, from something for the budget-minded, do-it-your-selfer to sophisticatedly elegant. The hard part may be narrowing down your options. Call us if you'd like some assistance.

Mount Vernon Mantels

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Mount Vernon Mantels brings decades of experience to the design and manufacture of custom wood fireplace mantels.

Fireside Furnishings

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Personalize your fireplace with a mantel and surround. Our options include wood fireplace mantels that range from classic to contemporary designs.

Fires of Tradition Mantels & Surrounds

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Through our enthusiastic use of stone, wood and iron, we have created a range of products that compliment the respected line of Valor gas fires.


Gas Log Sets

The ambiance of a flickering fire in the fireplace can take the edge off a hectic day and soothe away stress. For those with limited time or energy, building a welcoming fire isn’t always a simple task. But there is a solution. Install a set of gas logs into the fireplace and enjoy a fire in seconds, whether for an hour or the entire evening. Stop by our West Rockport showroom to view a gas logs display.

Golden Blount "Hickory"

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8-log set 5/8" thick grate Large amounts of embers Black rock standard Split top logs with Bonfire style bottom logs Special two-piece rotten front log for maximum ember effect.

Heatilator "Campfire"

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A good look at a great value! Eight richly-detailed logs. Works with three types of burners, Safety Pilot and Remote Ready. Hearth kit/burner sold separately.

Heatilator "Versawood"

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Realistically-detailed logs with the appeal of a fully charred, mature fire.Remote Ready. Hearth kit/burner sold separately.

Rasmussen 'Evening'

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“Evening” Series Charred-through front logs allow more flame viewing.

Rasmussen 'Traditional'

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“Traditional” Series Solid front logs with a traditional look.

Rasmussen Firestones

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FireStones for those with contemporary decor, for those with a modern flair, for those yearning for an alternative to the ubiquitous gas log and for those who just want something different.

Rasmussen Rumford Tipi    View Full Specs   Rasmussen has designed gas log sets specifically for use in Rumford Fireplaces. The layout of these efficient fireplaces is not well suited for standard gas log sets.

Rasmussen Rumford Tipi

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Rasmussen has designed gas log sets specifically for use in Rumford Fireplaces. The layout of these efficient fireplaces is not well suited for standard gas log sets.


Venting Options - Fireplaces

Gas Fireplaces

Hearth products are vented in three ways: natural draft (vented through the roof), direct-vent, and vent-free. Below are the options for gas hearth appliances.

Natural Draft (Class B) Venting

Natural draft hearth appliances take in combustion air from inside the home and vent products of combustion outside the home.

Direct Vent

Direct-vent appliances draw combustion air from the outdoors and exhaust its combustion products to the outdoors, eliminating the need for a standard chimney system. A glass panel in direct-vent units is critical to keeping the combustion system sealed from the home, maintaining high efficiency and indoor air quality. Direct-vent piping can go out the wall directly in back of the unit or go upward from the top of the appliance then though the wall or roof. Various models differ. Check with your retailer.

Currently, the majority of gas fireplace sales are direct vent units.

Unvented or Vent-Free

Unvented and vent-free refers to the kind of hearth appliance that draws its combustion air from inside the home.

Caution should be used in choosing a vent free fire place. Moisture content and other products of combustion can cause adverse effects on wall and ceiling finishes. Persons with respiratory problems and allergiess should avoid vent free appliances.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

Wood burning fireplaces are naturally vented 3 feet above the roof of the house or a minimum of 2 feet above any point of the structure within a ten foot radius. Depending on the fireplace selected , this venting can occur through a masonry or stainless steel , Class A type all-fuel chimney system.

Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts must be installed into and existing masonry fireplace or approved metal enclosure.

Fireplace inserts are either vented naturally through a working chimney, direct vented or vent-free depending on fuel choice. In all cases, a chimney liner is required. The type and size of the liner is specific to the fuel and fireplace type.


Venting Components

For gas fireplace inserts we stock high grade flexible aluminum liners and related termination components. For wood burning fireplace inserts we stock stainless steel chimney liners, insulation and termination components.


Termination Components

Woodburning Termination Caps

Woodburning Termination Caps