A freestanding stove gives you the ability to incorporate virtually any style into your home décor. The most versatile hearth product, stoves are available in a wide selection of sizes and styles. They are made of steel, stone or cast iron, and finishes include porcelain enamel and high temperature paint in an array of colors.

Freestanding stoves burn wood, gas, coal, wood pellets, biomass or are electric. They are generally used to heat a specific room or zone of the house. Stoves are very efficient and control of the fire, heat output, burn times and installation options are greatly improved. 

A terrific collection of information on hearths, benefits of different fuel choices, and general safety is avaiailable on the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue web site.

Gas Stoves

Need help choosing the right gas stove for your home? Call us, or stop by our West Rockport showroom to view our floor models.

Regency Hampton H35

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The Large Hampton Gas Stove features the most realistic gas fire available. Complement the classic style with a decorative glass grill or add double screen doors to get the look of a real wood fire. Direct vent technology allows you to put your Hampton Gas Stove exactly where you want it without needing a chimney.

Regency Hampton H15

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Compact Elegance. Even your smaller living areas can be transformed with the timeless beauty of durable cast iron Small Hampton Gas Stove. The 18,000 BTU of high efficiency heat can be turned down a full 50% so that you can enjoy the beautiful glow without all the heat.

Regency Hampton H27

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Style & Performance. The Hampton Medium Gas Stove's beautiful styling is matched only by its authentic fire. The gas flames have been carefully engineered to twist and flicker as real wood flames do - around the most realistic logs available anywhere today.

Regency Classic C34

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The Regency Classic Gas Stove mirrors the authentic styling of a wood stove with all the convenience of gas. No Chimney? No Problem. With the direct vent option, you can vent up and out of your home saving installation dollars.

Regency Ultimate U39

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The clean, modern lines of the Ultimate Gas stove wrap around the realistic gas fire available today. This fire can provide up to 40,000 BTU of high efficiency heat.

Quadra-Fire Garnet-T

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The Garnet-T is a little heater with a big heart. A diminutive footprint and impressive design features combine to make this smallest member of the Quadra-Fire family perfect for the bedroom, den or dining room.

Quadra-Fire Sapphire

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Featuring a TrueGlow ceramic burner and a new, highly realistic log set, The Sapphire boasts Quadra-Fire's advanced flame technology for maximum fuel efficiency and high output levels. Direct venting offers more installation options. You can add extra functional charm to your beautiful Sapphire stove with optional warming shelves.

Quadra-Fire Topaz

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You have a wide choice of colors for your Topaz ranging from classic black to one of the four stunning colors. There are also two different fronts available. Optional warming shelves available. With top or rear direct vent options, your new Topaz can be installed just about anywhere.

Valor President Freestanding

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The Portrait Fireplace series uses a common direct vent "engine" module that has numerous advanced design features for the ultimate in performance, ease of use and application versatility.

Valor Madrona

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The Madrona supplies a constant flow of both radiant heat and naturally convected warm air.Radiant heat satisfies your comfort needs with up to 25% less overall energy compared to forced air systems.

Pacific Energy Piazetta G958

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Each stove represents the leading edge of European freestanding design with advanced convection and radiant heating technology.

Pacific Energy Mirage

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The Mirage 30 represents the leading edge of freestanding design for larger spaces. Beautifully clad in lustrous porcelain enamel, inside each Mirage is a powerful engine.

Pacific Energy Trenton

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The Trenton cast iron freestanding gas stove combines the traditional design with today’s modern gas technology. It has decorative doors to swing open to reveal an unobstructed window of full, rich flames.

HHT Oxford   DIRECT VENT GAS STOVE • Heats 700 - 1,200 sq ft with 28,000 BTUs, based on climate and home efficiency • 19" x 16-7/8" glass size • Realistic split oak log set • Choose from multiple control options

HHT Oxford

DIRECT VENT GAS STOVE • Heats 700 - 1,200 sq ft with 28,000 BTUs, based on climate and home efficiency • 19" x 16-7/8" glass size • Realistic split oak log set • Choose from multiple control options

Regency Contura 195    View Full Specs   Regency Contura RC500E gives a light and modern impression to any home. Available in black  or white, you can customize this modern gas stove with a traditional log set or ultra-modern shimmering crystals. Stunning flame view from three sides.

Regency Contura 195

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Regency Contura RC500E gives a light and modern impression to any home. Available in black  or white, you can customize this modern gas stove with a traditional log set or ultra-modern shimmering crystals. Stunning flame view from three sides.


Wood Stoves

Need help choosing the right wood stove for your home? Call us, or stop by our West Rockport showroom to view our floor models.

Regency Hampton H300

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The Hampton wood stove has been tested to the most rigorous environmental standards. 45,000 BTU of high efficiency heat, wood can be loaded from either the front or side, available in matte charcoal, enamel ivory, slate blue or timberline brown.

Regency Hampton H200

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A beautiful combination of soft lines and delicate textures make this cast iron stove the perfect artistic backdrop for a roaring fire. Convenient and efficient, this wood stove will keep your home comfortable all year-even during power outages.

Regency Classic

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Available in 3 sizes! Regency's clean burning technology meets environmental standards and ensures clean glass. Customizable with a pedestal base or cast iron legs in black, brushed nickel or 24k gold plate, and door in black, or 24k gold plate.

Regency Alterra

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The striking design of the Alterra CS1200 contemporary wood stove puts the focus on the brilliant glowing fire. With an impressive 20% greater viewing area than traditional wood stoves, and a handy fire-wood storage area.

Regency Pro Series

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For small to medium living areas you can enjoy all of the fire power and styling of the F5100 in a more compact model.

Quadra-Fire Explorer Series 1-2-3

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Get maximum heat and a clean burn with the Quadra-Fire four point burn system delivering up to 65,800 BTU's.

Quadra-Fire Dicovery Series 1-2-3

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Space saving wood storage bin, holds a days worth of wood. Personalize your stove by choosing the included tile side or the solid side panel. Tile side uses any 12 x 12 ceramic tiles. Solid side can be left black or painted using high temperature paint.


Pacific Energy Vista Classic

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Elegant, small in size and surprisingly powerful. The Vista Classic has all the features of The Spectrum series wood stoves; high efficiency rating, user-friendly operation, and will look so good in your home.

Pacific Energy Neo

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Reliable, durable non-catalytic technology. Air wash system for super clean ceramic glass. Easy to use ash disposal system.

Pacific Energy Alderlea

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Alderlea T5 is now in your choice of Majolica Brown or Classic Black porcelain enamel. Elegant, traditional cast iron styling combined with the very best features of both cast iron and steel stoves, offer you the perfect blend.

Wittus Cubic Series

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The Cubic series brings about a new generation of wood burning fire. Among the six models of varying sizes, some are floor models and others are directly attached on the wall. Minimal, yet sophisticated and contemporary

Wittus Domino Cookstove

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The Domino is every homeowners dream and is available in two sizes, 8 Maxi (shown above) and 6 Maxi. The Domino 8 Maxi measures 31" wide and is a standard cook stove. The Domino 6 Maxi measures 24" wide and is perfect for kitchens with limited space.

Wittus Shaker

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Winner of the prestigious Reddot Award. The Shaker's small size makes it suitable for every type of residence. It comes in black steel and measures 41” high, 34” wide, and 21” deep. Available with a short table that has a small shelf under the door or with a long table that has a bench.

Heatilator Eco Choice

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The Eco-Choice WS22 large wood stove combines dependability with value. The WS22 features a wide door opening with single-lever operation and an air wash system to keep the glass clean. This simple design, plus quality you can see and feel, will deliver warmth and comfort to any room of your home.

Elmira Fireview

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The latest advance in the way things used to be... The Fireview is a high-efficiency, air-tight wood-burning cookstove that is perfect for home, cottage or camp. It serves as a high-output room heater, a cooking appliance, an attractive fire-viewing woodstove.

Blaze King Chinook

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The Chinook 30 has a modern European design and is available in two styles. The curved sides have a softer appearance while the flat sides have a more modern style.

Blaze King Princess

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The Princess has a large 2.85cu.ft. firebox. All Blaze King catalytic stoves have a thermostat control to allow you to regulate the heat output making them usable in a wide variety of home sizes.

Blaze King Ashford

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The Ashford 30 has a beautiful Cast Iron body which is available in three colors, metallic black paint, midnight satin enamel and chestnut high gloss enamel. The Ashford 30 uses our cleanest burning firebox at 0.97gms/hour.


Electric Stoves

Need help choosing the right electric stove for your home? Call us, or stop by our West Rockport showroom to view our floor models.

Stockbridge Opti-myst

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The Stockbridge Electric Stove sets the stage perfectly for the revolutionary Opti-myst® flame and smoke effect. From the high gloss finish to the working doors, the authentic details combine with dazzling water mist flames to create an eye-catching focal point in any room.


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The Celeste’s old world charm and craftsmanship, along with its elegant gloss finish provides a beautiful finishing touch to any room. The thermostat controlled fan forced heater and ability to showcase the flame with or without heat, means you can enjoy your stove year round. The Celeste is available in cream or black to suit your room décor.


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This electric stove gives the instant ambiance of a traditional fireplace experience that is ideal for all living spaces large and small. It features a rich gloss black finish that will compliment any decor. With its fashionable door handle, gracefully swept legs and carved side panels.


Pellet Stoves

Pellet fuel is a renewable, clean-burning and cost stable home heating alternative currently used throughout North America. It is a biomass product made of renewable substances – generally recycled wood waste. There are currently more than 600,000 homes in North America using wood pellets for heat, in freestanding stoves, fireplace inserts and even furnaces.

North American pellets are produced in manufacturing facilities in Canada and the United States, and are available for purchase at fireplace & stove dealers. Biomass fuel includes wood & agro pellets and most whole grains, including wheat, barley, rye & feed corn.

Call us or stop by our showroom, and we'll be happy to help you choose the right system for your home.

Quadra-Fire Castile

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The Castile offers patented automatic ignition and jam-free feed systems, an exclusive aluminum heat exchanger, and a revolutionary easy clean firepot.

Quadra-Fire Mt Vernon

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Exceptionally quiet operation, a large hopper and flexible fuel options make the Mt. Vernon the best pellet stove available. Now in porcelain deep blue finish!

Quadra-Fire Santa Fe

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The Santa Fe features a contemporary design in a compact size. The thermostat controlled heat settings allow the durable engine to automatically and efficiently heat any room.

Quadra-Fire Trekker

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The new Trekker pellet stove with Efficient Energy (E2) technology is the most powerful and efficient pellet stove ever designed by Quadra-Fire. E2 technology helps achieve 83.2% efficiency—saving money by burning less fuel.

Heatilator Eco Choice

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The Eco-Choice PS35 medium-sized pellet stove combines dependability and value in a simple design. Its large hopper holds plenty of fuel to deliver warmth and comfort to any room.

Wittus Ego

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The Ego's innovative Active System instantly adjusts the combustion air to compensate for minor variations in pellet size and density. The stove determines the perfect amount of air to obtain the best possible combustion.

Hampton GC60

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This environmentally-friendly heater combines all of the best features of traditional cast iron with the latest developments in alternative fuel technology. This freestanding pellet stove (GC60) can burn wood pellets, corn, wheat & barley at maximum efficiencies for very cost effective home heating.

Piazzetta P955

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Compact yet versatile, this stove with classic styling is ideal for heating medium size environments. Ceramic sides available in three colors.

Piazzetta Sabrina

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Piazzetta stoves enclose a technological soul which guarantees functionality, reliability and efficiency. Many styles, sizes and colors available.

Regency Greenfire GF40

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The Greenfire Small Pellet Stove features a modern and compact design, with a multi-tube heat exchanger that will heat your room evenly and efficiently. Included with this stove is a large ash pan and slim hearth pad, making clean up effortless. Even though this stove looks compact, the extra large hopper means less loading and more relaxing.

Regency Greenfire GF55

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Regency's Greenfire Medium Pellet Stove was designed with a large bay ceramic window to give you an exceptional view of the fire. Cast iron brick panels compliment the classic pedestal design, which includes a large concealed ash pan. The heavy-duty heat exchanger will provide maximum heat for your living area.


Hearth Pads

Choose from a wide range of styles that complement any décor, and enjoy the security of knowing your hearth pad meets all government safety standards. Call us or stop by our showroom, and we'll be happy to help you choose the right hearth pad for your stove.

AJ Hearth Originals

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These distinctive pads are crafted from a variety of fine tiles and slate — expertly finished for maximum durability. Choose from a wide range of styles that complement any décor.

Hearth Classics

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Hearth Classics tile and stone hearth pads are hand-crafted to provide the ideal foundation for your free-standing gas, wood, pellet, corn, coal or oil stove.

Hearth Classics Modular

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The affordable Modular Hearth protects your floor and deck from falling embers and messy spills. By joining individual tiled panels with our unique locking system, you can make a beautiful ember protector in minutes.

Hearth Extender

The same item as the stove board, meant to extend your existing hearth.

Ember King Floor Protection Hearth Mats

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Perfect for gas, pellet, wood, or coal stoves that only require ember protection.


Venting Options - Stoves

Gas Stoves

Gas hearth products are vented in three ways: natural draft (vented through the roof), direct-vent, and vent-free. Below are the options for gas hearth appliances.

Natural Draft (Class B) Venting

Natural draft hearth appliances take in combustion air from inside the home and vent products of combustion outside the home.

Direct Vent

Direct-vent appliances draw combustion air from the outdoors and exhaust its combustion products to the outdoors, eliminating the need for a standard chimney system. A glass panel in direct-vent units is critical to keeping the combustion system sealed from the home, maintaining high efficiency and indoor air quality. Direct-vent piping can go out the wall directly in back of the unit or go upward from the top of the appliance then though the wall or roof. Various models differ. Check with your retailer.

Currently, the majority of gas fireplace sales are direct vent units.

Unvented or Vent-Free

Unvented and vent-free refers to the kind of hearth appliance that draws its combustion air from inside the home and is designed to burn so efficiently that it eliminates the need for venting.

Caution should be used in choosing a vent free stove or fireplace. Moisture content and other products of combustion can cause adverse effects to wall and ceiling finishes. Persons with respiratory problems or allergies should avoid vent free appliances.

Wood Stoves

Wood burning stoves are primarily vented through the ceiling with high tech insulated chimney piping or through an existing masonry chimney. Wood stoves connected to masonry chimneys require an approved chimney liner. Chimneys that do not contain a liner in serviceable condition and be re-lined with stainless steel or poured refractory liners. Exterior masonry chimneys should have an insulated chimney liner to reduce risk of excessive creosote build up.

Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are power vented and can be installed almost anywhere in the home, including through a ceiling, through a wall, or into an existing masonry chimney as long as the installation includes at least 3 feet of vertical chimney. Pellet stove chimneys are unique and are usually 3 or 4 inches in diameter. Masonry chimneys require clay or stainless steel liners.

Venting Components

We stock high grade venting components for direct vent and natural vent gas stoves and fireplaces as well as pellet stove vent pipe.

For wood burning chimneys and connectors we feel strongly about providing high grade components that can safely handle the higher temperatures and stress of wood heat.

We are confident providing class A insulated stainless steel chimney systems and stainless steel chimney liners and Maine made Elmers heavy gauge welded seam stove pipe for a safe, long lasting wood stove connection. We also carry double wall direct cooled stove pipe for situations requiring close clearance to combustibles.

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